Tips for Staying Safe during the Festival Season

Festival season is well and truly in full swing. From Creamfields to Reading, there's sure to be a festival to suit everyone's tastes. Months of planning go into ensuring that you have the best possible time, but as the most seasoned festival goer knows, it’s so important to keep your wits about you and keep your personal safety front of mind.

Stay Hydrated

With the amazing sunshine, an excuse for all day drinking and a jam-packed line-up, it’s easy to forget to keep yourself well hydrated. Pick up a water bottle that you can attach to a lanyard, so that you can keep a bottle with you at all times and fill up at water stations around the festival. Keeping hydrated will allow you to carry on partying into the early hours as well as avoiding headaches and of course, making those epic hangovers a little bit more bearable!

Agree a meeting point and times

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It's so easy to lose your friends between the stages on site. Before each day starts, agree a meeting point and times between your group, so if someone gets lost following a quick pre-set trip to the loo, you know where to meet after the gig. Even better, in doing this, you don’t have to worry about dead batteries, lost phones, or bad signal. Winning.

No one wants to waste perfectly good drinking time searching for lost friends...

The medical tent is your friend

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The medical tents are there for you to use! Don’t ignore a trip, exhaustion or heat stroke - these are all things that can get much worse if they aren’t addressed. A festival campsite can often be a large distance from the local hospital, and with top notch medics around, take advantage of the onsite medical care to keep you in tip top shape. They want to make sure that you're safe and that you enjoy your weekend.

You can even use the medical tents if you just need a place to chill for a while after one drink too many… Don’t run the risk of ruining your weekend by ‘powering through’.

Wear the right shoes

Festival fashion is all the rage but with an unknown terrain thanks to weather, remember to plan ahead with the right footwear. A good pair of walking boots or wellies can keep your feet safe and dry in the forever growing mud pits.

Even if you think you look ridiculous, everyone else will be wearing them too, and you’ll be so grateful of your wellies if the heavens open! Festival sites are notorious for getting very wet, very quickly, and flip-flops just aren’t going to hack the muddy walk back to camp...

Love thy fellow festival goer

With hundreds or maybe thousands of people around and about, keep your eyes peeled for fellow festival goers. If you see someone in trouble, don't just walk past; stop and help. Give them water, help them to the nearest medical tent or even alert a member of site staff if you’re really concerned. Put yourself in their position, if you were in a tricky situation - you’d hope someone would stop to help you too...

Did we miss anything else? Share your tips and tricks to festival safety with us over on our Facebook or Twitter pages - or even better, tag us in your adventures on Instagram @gorillatents…!

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