Camping in Comfort

If the idea of living outdoors and cooking over a camp fire fills you with dread then never fear, Gorilla is here! Camping doesn’t have to mean going completely off-grid and we’ve got plenty of advice to make sure your camp is a comfortable one. So ready your pop-up tents and read on, for our ultimate guide to camping in comfort.

Be prepared

Not just a motto for Boy Scouts, it turns out that the mantra ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’ is equally applicable to the world of camping. Who knew.

Whilst we’re ok with a bit of impromptu adventure, if you are either a) the type of person who hates impromptu adventure, b) the type of person who hates dealing with the unexpected, or c) both of those things, we strongly advise you to plan ahead if you really want to maximise camping comfort.

map reading in remote camping locations

By ‘prepare’ we mean a couple of specific things. Firstly, do you know the area you’re heading to? Some more remote sites might not have brilliant signal, so don’t rely on Google Maps to sort you out… Before you go, make a note of where the nearest supermarket, petrol station or pub is, depending on whether your priority is stocking up on food or sourcing an alcoholic beverage.

Your tent matters

Flooded groundsheets, damp tent walls and mouldy clothes not really your thang? No, not ours either.

These days, you don’t need to spend a fortune for good quality. It’s easy to get confused by technical jargon, and HH ratings, but unless you’re planning more extreme camping trips (up mountains, in places with more severe weather conditions etc.), a lot of this is unnecessary. Look for a tent that’s fully waterproof, double layered and that has sturdy guide ropes and tent pegs. These features will be more than sufficient to protect from windy and rainy conditions (which, lets face it, you should be expecting from the Great British summer!).

double layer, light up tent

Our pop up tents are a great choice for festivals, or for camping with family or friends. Easy to put up (literally, just let them pop up and peg them down!) and put away (check out our YouTube video here), Gorilla tents are also surprisingly roomy - with plenty of room for your gear. Bonus!

Not all campsites are created equal

Campsites - and the facilities therein – can vary from place to place, so this is another reason to think about where you want to go before you head off. For a slightly more comfortable experience, it can help to pitch at a campsite with decent amenities, as opposed to a field in the middle of nowhere where you might need to bathe in the river. We don’t recommend this.

Most designated campsites have fantastic on-site facilities such as shower rooms (hello hot water!), toilet blocks, kitchen facilities and an electricity supply to your pitch spot. If you’re super lucky, you might even have a pitch-side cold water tap! Whilst it’s not quite 5* luxury, it will at least give you some of the home comforts you might not want to do without.

It’s the little things

If you’re not a massive fan of roughing it, you’ll quickly find that an air mattress and battery operated pump will become your best friend. As will earplugs, eye masks and a torch, should you need to make an emergency trip to the toilet block in the middle of the night.

Luxury Camping Essentials

Image source: Pinterest

So before you load up your car, write a list of the things you’ll need, from bedding and toiletries to food and clothing. Our top tip? Don’t just think about the nice-to-haves; make sure you remember true essentials. You might take your pillow and warm coat for granted when you’re not sleeping outside, but you’ll be very grateful you remembered them when you’re getting ready to bed down on the ground for the night.

Just can’t face it? Glamp!

Glamping tent at night

Can’t quite bring yourself to sleep in a tent but still want the experience of staying outdoors in nature? Glamping could be the choice for you. Glamping (that’s glam camping in case you didn’t know!) accommodation usually comes in the form of permanently fixed tents or tepees, often with some mod cons and a camp bed, so you won’t be sleeping on the ground. Whilst we maintain that it’s not quite the same as our beloved pop up tents – and not nearly as portable - glamping is a great introduction to camping if you’re not sure whether you’ll like it.

What do you think? Did we miss anything? We love to hear from you, so share your top tips with us over on Facebook or Twitter! Even better - tag us @gorillatents in your snaps on Instagram... 

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