Top 5 Festival Must-Haves

Take it from us, there’s nothing worse than arriving at a festival for a long weekend to find you’ve forgotten something important. So with festival season nearly in full swing, we’ve put together a handy checklist of our top 5 festival must-haves, that will help you survive your time in the field.

Sensible shoes in bad festival weather

Sensible footwear

Ever wondered why wellies are the unofficial symbol of festivals everywhere? Be prepared for all weather conditions, because let’s be honest, you might get torrential rain. Who remembers Glastonbury 2005? Wet weather is never more of a problem than for your feet, so invest in some decent footwear, because even if they won’t necessarily keep your feet warm, they’ll keep them dry. Plus even if the weather stays sunny things are bound to get a bit muddy when there are thousands of people tramping around the same field, so don’t be reliant on a pair of summer sandals. Trust us, they will get ruined.

Clothes for all weather

Sounds silly, but you need to think about day and night. If you invest in a good tent, you should stay pretty well insulated throughout the night, but it’s still wise to pack something warm for when the sun goes down. Even if the weather is promised to be great all weekend, it can get pretty chilly at night, so make sure you’ve got something to wrap up with. On that note, woolly socks are also a good shout. These will also come in handy if the weather is rubbish in the daytime, but in case it’s not, remember to pack sunglasses and a hat.

Battery pack

Battery pack is a vital festival must-have

At most festivals there’s not going to be any electricity where you’re camping, so make sure you take a portable charger or battery pack to keep your appliances going. In an age where we use our phones every day, it can come as a shock when the battery suddenly falls flat just as you’re lost at the main stage and desperately trying to call your friends. Some festivals do offer charging facilities, but in our opinion this is just one more thing to pay and queue for. Portable chargers are reasonably cheap, so grab one before you head off to make sure there are no emergencies. Such as when you’ve waited 7 hours to get front of stage for your favourite act and are using your phone as a camera…


Toiletries are a must-have for a festival weekendImage Source: Pinterest

Is a festival even a festival unless you’ve packed a copious amount of toilet roll? Festival loos are never the most pleasant experience and by Day 3 the toilet roll is likely to be in very short supply (in other words, there won’t be any,) so take your own and don’t get caught short. All the other toiletries you pack should be quick and easy to use on the go and, ideally, don’t need water to work, so think along the lines of baby wipes, dry shampoo and anti-bacterial hand wash. You’ll be clean and have great hair. And whilst we don’t want to sound like your mum, keep in mind that you’ll probably be outside, so it’s also sensible to take some SPF lotion, because nothing ruins a festival buzz like sunburnt shoulders.

And last but not least….

A festival tent!

Our tents stand out^^ Download Festival at night - Our Graffiti Tent^^

The start of most festivals, along with trudging through fields with supplies stacked on your back, usually involves setting up where you’re planning to bed down for the night. So unless you’re planning on spending the night in a tepee, caravan or glamping pod, you’re going to need a tent. Now of course there’s nothing wrong with those options but then, is it really a true festival experience unless you’re camping? We say it’s all about the tent. Since festivals are for having fun (or should be), no-one wants to spend hours pitching theirs, trying to make sense of which tent pole goes where. Since you’re going to be exposed to the elements, choose a design that’s high quality, will keep you well insulated, is 100% waterproof and has quick pitch and pack away times. A design that can pop open in less than 2 minutes, like our Gorilla Tents, will make life easier in the long run.

Heading to a festival this summer? We don’t do baby wipes, but we’ve got your tent sorted. Shop our fab range of lightweight, easy-to-pitch, double layered and highly durable tents now, to find your perfect design and style. Happy camping!

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